My 1st Half Marathon!

Last Sunday I reached the halfway point of my Unfashionable Cancer Marathon journey when I ran the Great Birmingham Run. It was my first half marathon distance and I ran every step of the 13.1 miles. Here's how it went; The week before race day I discovered a new ailment, Maranoia. I was terrified of getting ill or injuring myself before the big day and so virtually hibernated. I did risk attending my yoga class although I asked anyone with a cold to declare themselves and move to one side. Apart from the obvious preparation; that six months of training I put in three times a week, there were other important factors that needed addressing. Top of the list what should I wear...? I checked out

'Running' A Business

Missfit has been running since 2004 but it's only been in the running business for a couple of years. Until that time the focus of my design work was entertainment incorporating pop fashion in all my creations. I was a keen runner at school progressing to county level and training with the local athletics club. My chosen distance was 800m so I was used to a fast pace twice around the track. When I laced up my trainers to run again, over 30 years had elapsed and belting around a track no longer appealed. I'm happier road running now and regularly cover between 10-20 miles a week. Having designed and made costumes for performers I had a good supply of stretch fabrics which I began to look at i

On My Marks!

This Sunday 15th October I will run in the Simply Health Great Birmingham Run. I’ve entered the half marathon distance and have run the 13.1 miles twice now. My training began when I entered back in April this year so I will have been preparing for 6 months. During this time my running routine has consisted of training Tuesday’s and Thursdays when I’ll do between 3 and 4 miles each time. I’ve tried to treat the 5k (3.1 mile) runs as speed training and now average around 8.40 per mile, around 26 minutes total. At the weekend I’ve focused on longer runs of 5 miles plus. Both of the 13.1 mile distances I’ve achieved in 2.03 hrs which is pleasing. On Sunday I want to push myself if possible and