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Nothing in my stock goes to waste. This began life as two separate garments. The first, a Fred Perry track top which had a damaged front and so I used the sleeves and back as the basis for the hoody. 
For my last upcycle I'd used a 1970s patterned maxi dress - you will find the resulting jumpsuit in my listings. The leftover pieces were a perfect match for the yellow and orange stripe on the sleeve of the FP and so I made the front of the hoody with this fabric. I also fashioned a large hood with the bold patterned fabric and lined it in black scuba. The lower band comes from ribbing on another hoody which I have elasticated. I had to add extra black scuba to finish the front facings and used vintage buttons to fasten - I was unable to source a small enough open ended zipper which is why I opted for buttons. To ensure a secure closure there are also a couple of prestud fasteners. I made the edging and lines from the patterned fabric to mimic the stripes on the sleeves.
As the top was originally a large, the sleeves are extra long and oversized as they are 80s style which is why I've made a larger hood to balance this out. 
It is a one-off truly unique piece. The dress had been hand-made in the seventies and so the fabric is unlikely to crop up elsewhere let alone the possibility that this exact refashioning has been made to the Fred Perry.
A truly sustainable piece made of clothing dating back over sixty years and given a contemporary new look.


Underarm to underarm 17.5" / 45.5cm approx 36" / 81cm chest
Shoulder to shoulder 16.5 / 42cm
Shoulder to cuff 25" / 63.5cm 
Underarm 20.75" / 53cm
Across lower band 14.5" / 37 plus stretch
Neck edge to lower band 9" / 23cm
Back of neck to lower band 11" / 28cm


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Multi Coloured Bold Patterned Cropped Hoody Reworked from Track Top & Dress

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