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Be aware - there is no other shirt like this!
Handmade, probably dating from the late 1970s, this shirt was a prized possession, why - because it had been repaired several times. The mending is visible from the inside where patches have been applied. Although I've covered some of them, I have left a couple visible, notably one on the left side vent. Nowadays, fashion items are sold with these mends purpose made!
Some parts had to be disguised due to staining, this I've done in various ways, most obviously applique. The letters I've chosen spell 
NOT MY THING. Interpret this how you will but for me it makes the obvious statement that this shirt is an acquired taste.
Every letter has been created from my vintage stock, with a zero waste policy, I keep every part of every damaged piece of vintage, here are just a few fabric samples.
The front popper fasteners had melted (maybe iron damage) and some had rusted so I chose to cover them. I've used a 1960s toe which also had some damage so I've salvaged the best for this shirt. The right sleeve had a mark which I've covered with one of my original labels from 2002, ReCreate. There was also a stain on the left collar which is now disguised by a flower from the tie. In case you were wondering, the stitching is meant to be obvious - lets show off our mends, perfection isn't everything! Below that you will see I've embroidered the letters Repaired to cover another previous mend - afain, not all of it as I like the evidence of this shirts history to be seen.
There you have it, a truly well loved and cared for piece of vintage that's been customised with more saved vintage fabrics.

Underarm to underarm 21" / 53cm
Shoulder to shoulder 16" / 41cm
Shoulder to cuff 24.5" / 62cm
Underarm 20.5" / 52cm
Back of neck to hem 29.25" / 74.5cm

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Reworked Vintage Denim Look Shirt with Applique Slogan M

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