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From Fashion to Fitness

Missfit Creations began in 2005, since then I've created unique designs for 100s of customers. From blushing brides wanting a look of their own to outrageous drag queens needing the wow factor. I've dressed boy bands and girl groups, tribute artists and entertainers of all kinds including a few X Factor contestants.

Missfit has sold across the globe and on various sites around the UK including ASOS as well as having a regular Stand at Clothes Show Live. By 2012 the Missfit brand had earned the credentials of being a top pop fashion business. Unfortunately at the start of 2013 life took a very different turn, I was diagnosed suddenly with kidney cancer and the business closed soon after.

It would be another couple of years before I was back at the sewing machine. During my recovery I'd made a few life changes which included taking up running and doing a regular yoga class. My wardrobe was ill equipped to begin with, working in the alternative fashion industry had required an image of it's own and I'd never been in a gym before. One thing I wasn't short of was lycra, a customer base that had included Bowie tributes and dancers meant I had a ready supply of spandex. This was soon put to good use.

It wasn't long before my yoga teacher, Gemma became aware of my past life as a designer and we were soon making plans together. There was a need for a range of yoga gear that could reflect the customer's taste in clothes as fashions in sportswear don't always suit the wearer. The Missfit ethos is to create clothes for individuals, why not activewear?

I've been busy working on designs for a few months now as well as building a website to accommodate this new venture. There's still work to do but the Missfit Activewear Range is ready to go along with a selection of Street Style clothing; my pop fashion roots are never far away.

Please bear with me while the finishing touches are added to the website, in the meantime Missfit designs can be purchased from Midlands Yoga. The web store will soon be up and running!

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