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No New Clothes For a Year

I’m now in my 3rd year of No New Clothes For a Year and it’s exactly what it says it is. You commit to wearing only garments you’ve been given, bought 2nd hand, mended, vintage, etc. For a full 12 months you make no clothing purchases. There can be exceptions which you award yourself for example footwear and underwear although some people manage to get around that also. I was introduced to this movement by Joelle Harris, The Eco Wardrobe Warrior who’s site is well worth a visit for eco inspiration.

In my first year I faltered twice. Summer holidays bought temptation and so did the festive season. There was also my eldest daughter’s wedding for which I designed and made the wedding dress but not my own – time ran out. Year 2 improved slightly with fewer purchases, only 3 I think one of which was a winter coat – I need blinkers when I pass TKMaxx! This year has been far better, in fact only 1 purchase other than another Mother of the Bride dress for youngest daughter's wedding; I was otherwise engaged with the brides dress plus 4 bridesmaids so feel I should be forgiven.

My New Year begins on September 1st so I’m committing once again to No New Clothes for a Year but this time no slip ups. Both daughters are now married so no posh frocks needed and I’m immune to the calls of TKMaxx. As I’ve been updating my website I have decided to add my eBay shop as along with purchasing a lot of my wardrobe from auction sites, I also sell it on.

If you want to make the world a greener place (& save some cash doing it) then why not take the #NoNewClothesForAYear challenge? You can share your 2nd hand finds as well as those high street slip ups with me. Let’s join together in reducing the clothing mountain heading to landfill, it’s amazing what a different each of us can make. Changing your shopping habits can lead to a whole new style both in your wardrobe and your life.

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