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3 canulars, 2 Xrays & A CT Scan

No sleep.

Not sure whether it’s the pain, the anxiety or the fact I’m in this island of a bed in a high dependancy room surrounded by windows that I can’t see out of. Periodically the blinds at the windows move as staff peep in to check on me, spooky. It’s eerily quiet compared to normal wards apart from beeps of machines. My fellow patients are either really poorly and can’t move or like me, afraid to move from the island bed in the centre of the room. It was like Big Brother was watching.

The bed was electronic and moved all ways at the touch of a button which was cool but being in the middle of the room there was nowhere to put anything. When admitted I was fully dressed and this is how I slept with my bag in bed with me! I crept out for a wee in the night but was still in pain so couldn’t move fast enough to avoid staff seeing and coming to my aid. Good you may think but I just wanted to go home so didn’t want a fuss in case they kept me.

In the morning a wheelchair was brought in and I was once again taken down for a ct scan. The staff shortages meant a member of the admin team had to accompany me, she wasn’t very good humoured. 

Once in radiology they tested my canular and surprise surprise it wasn’t working, it was tissuing AGAIN! OUCH! Another one was put in and I was sent once more through the ct scanner tunnel.

A few anxious hours wait till the results were sent up and thankfully no blood clot was found. I was given more medication and discharged later that afternoon. Exhausted.


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