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3 Huge words – No Evidence of Disease

Well technically it’s four but what a beautiful sound they have! After a few weeks of worry followed by the inevitable blood tests and scan I’m happy to say the ct scan found no spread of cancer. Huge sigh of relief. I’m still struggling with pain around the surgery wound and the ongoing back issue but can cope with that knowing it’s not sinister. I’ve had problems with core strength since my kidney was removed and have learnt my limitations. However, it’s always good to test these occasionally…I don’t think I’ll be doing any headstands in the near future! Thankfully my running training hasn’t been affected too much apart from if I tackle hills so I’m trying to stay on the level as far as I can. The only downside has been having to go back to the drug cupboard. I’m managing to avoid the Gabapentin and haven’t touched the trams. The cocodamol have taken the edge off though but I do feel defeatist when I have to fall back on them. Hopefully this latest blip will soon do one and I’ll be climbing hills and standing on my head once more 🙂 It’s also worth mentioning what an excellent GP I have. He was extremely concerned and made sure I had a full blood test followed by the ct scan. The scan was arranged super quick and he phoned me with results only 3 days later. You can’t get better than that – well except a result of NED!


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