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4 Months Post Surgery Progress

I had to leave the blog for a while – it will become clear why once I return to where I left off. Firstly I thought it best to record where I’m at now, 4 months after surgery. It has also become clearer to me why I need to write down my cancer journey as I still struggle to find anything or anyone to compare my experience with. Kidney cancer is on the increase and yet is still one of the least common of the diseases and therefore less information is readily available. Having had keyhole surgery to remove the tumor and kidney, the scaring was not as extensive as that of open surgery. However, they had to get it out somehow and the scar left is still about 5″ long but its the smaller incisions that seem more sore still (where they poked the keys in presumably…) It was the left kidney and my insides seem to be healing according to plan on that side. I am limited physically still with what I can lift and carry etc but it’s not apparent unless I tell people. The problem conversely has been with the right side where I am experiencing quite severe back pain in the kidney area. Obviously as I need to safeguard this one the GP has been carrying out tests to determine what is causing the pain. In the meantime I am taking painkillers when needed – not ideal but needs must. I’m currently awaiting results of more xrays and blood tests but don’t expect anything sinister to come from these. The likelyhood is that this has been caused by the surgery and may be a result of me compensating for the initial pain in my left side which is easing now. Emotionally I still feel cast adrift as far as hospital aftercare goes. Having recently taken my Mom for her breast cancer check up its remarkable how different the cancer care is. The appointment was in a purpose built breast care centre with specialist nurses and everyone from receptionist to doctor was positive and helpful. My only appointment since surgery with the consultant was  together with renal patients, involved a 4 hour wait and made me feel hopeless afterwards. Kidney cancer it seems is a case of get it out and get on, job done. In my Mom’s case she is part of breast cancer support groups and visits to surgery are like school reunions, everyone has either been through, going through or supporting someone with the disease and the vibe is a good one of help and support. I will return to where I left off with my kidney cancer journey shortly. I can just remember shortly after diagnosis looking on the web for similar experiences and finding nothing. I have never been interested in what the cancer does as there’s little I can do to stop that but rather how the person copes which is why I’m writing this down now. I still feel lucky, they found it, removed it and I’m recovering relatively well, my GP is good and very supportive and aside from an unsightly scar and a slightly lopsided gait I’m pretty good. Just need to return to my hospital diary and relive the remainder of my story. Maybe tomorrow…


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