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Bone Scan

By the time I went for my bone scan I had stopped writing in my journal so this is from memory. The scan took place in May about 2 months after my surgery and was recommended by the consultant surgeon due to continuing back pain. I turned up at Good Hope hospital that morning with my daughter and was taken into a small room in the Nuclear Medicine Dept where a nurse put a canular into the back of my wrist. Once that was done a specialist came and proceeded to pump in something she referred to as ‘stuff’ and said it was the best way to describe it. The ‘stuff’ would flow around my body and enable the scanner to pick up what it needed from my bones (or something like that). Obviously I am not familiar with any of the technical detail of what is involved so if you want to know more check out this piece on Once the stuff was flowing around my bones I was allowed to leave the hospital for approx 90 minutes during which time I was advised to drink plenty and most importantly ‘keep away from small children/babies and expectant mothers’. Apparently this was due to the slight risk of radiation I was carrying which would mean I could give off gamma rays. For the next few hours I was a SuperHero… With time to kill we went off to have lunch in the nearest Wetherspoons where I sat near a door and looked menacingly at any parents with children or ladies with large stomachs (the fat or pregnant question arose often…) Back at the hospital I was taken into the room with the scanner and asked to climb on the bed, fully clothed. The specialist then explained that the scanner would come down so close to me it would nearly touch my face and that I shouldn’t feel alarmed. She then made sure I was positioned correctly and left the room. For the next 20 minutes I had to lie perfectly still while this huge machine lowered itself down and moved across my body, it was a bit freaky and although I’m not claustraphobic I felt as though I was going to be crushed! When the scanner had taken all the images it needed the specialist returned to the room and I was told I could leave. Before I went she told me that when going for a wee I must flush the toilet twice after myself as a small amount of radiation may be left, bizarre! Also, I must steer clear from Mums to be and little ones for the next 48 hours. That night I had the feeling I may be glowing in the dark but no special super hero powers presented themselves. The results of the scan took a few weeks to arrive and as the saying goes, ‘no news is good news’ I was sure had there been anything wrong I would have heard.  About 6 weeks later, which was over 3 months post surgery I received a letter. It was from the consultant and contained the information I’d asked for about my operation 3 months ago, seriously! It was brief and to the point AND at the bottom of the letter in hand writing was scrawled, ‘bone scan normal’. Now I have to emphasize once more, I am more than happy with the work of the consultant and his team and extremely thankfully to them. However, when it comes to information and the way it is given, the words ‘could try harder’ spring to mind. The main thing was that my bone scan had been clear which was excellent news. Unfortunately, the back pain continues so of course does this blog…

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