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Climb Every Mountain

Apologies for the cringy title…it just had to be! Most years we go to Wales and when there we always find time to climb up into the mountains where we have our favourite places. Wales has many hidden treasures and amongst them are it’s blue lagoons, old slate mine shafts dug high up into the mountains and now filled with water. To get to them involves a steep climb followed by negotiating your way through a small tunnel cut into the mountainside that leads to the inner lagoon. Alternatively your can scramble to the top of the mountain and look down into the pool. This year I was determined to repeat this visit and spend some time by the side of one of these beautiful, tranquil lagoons, however whether I’d make the climb was another matter. Well, I did it!

It took a little longer than usual but once there was worth all the effort. While I sat by the lagoon I was able to look back at the struggle I’d had over the past 6 months with some perspective. It has been hard up till now to think about the weeks that followed the discovery of my cancer and I have preferred to forget it. Writing this blog has helped tremendously as not only have I put into words the way I felt and the things that happened but also, I have heard from others who have gone through/going through the same. Looking back from the top of a mountain I was finally able to see the journey I’ve made. I can now place myself back at those difficult moments and see that time does heal and the journey gets easier. More importantly, it doesn’t end here.


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