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Cut to The Chase

I’m way behind with this blog as recent events have meant me avoiding speaking about what is going on and therefore not saying (or writing) it out loud. This whole breast cancer scare really knocked me back both physically and mentally, more than I’d imagined. I suppose I thought I was ‘over the worst’ and coping with the aftermath of cancer so the thought of facing another one freaked me out. The wait for my CT scan results seemed an eternity, after a week I caved in and rang the hospital feeling very pathetic and asked if they could please just tell me. A very kind and sympathetic secretary gave me a call back to say the consultant had authorised that she give me the news all was clear. My letter arrived a couple of days later with the best medical jargon you could wish to receive;

I have since had to have another renal ultrasound scan as well as some chest xrays which means there’s not a part of me or an angle that hasn’t been looked at. Those results came in yesterday with another all clear, huge relief. The pain continues to be monitored and I’ll have to notify of any changes in the lumps and lymph nodes but whatever’s going on, it’s not cancer. Another line drawn and another sigh of reflief.


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