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Day 16 Back on my feet

Woke in a lot of pain so the morphine PCA (patient controlled analgesia) was my favourite new toy. I was more than happy to get rid of the cathater which was removed that morning, one accessory I definately don’t want to carry round again! For now I just had the one line in and that was enough, in fact for the pain relief it gave they’d probably have to fight me to get it out. The breakfast came around at 6.30 and although I was happy to get a coffee and some rice crispies it was short lived as they made me feel really sick. Shortly after that the ward rounds started and I received a visit from the surgeon which was good, he checked my wound and said there’d be no reason why I shouldn’t leave hospital in a couple of days. He then explained that a physiotherapist would be coming around to assist me getting up and out of bed shortly. All of this was very positive and again I was happy to hear it but at the same time I felt awful and the pain was pretty bad so it worried me slightly. However, when the physio came around I dutifully got myself up and out of the bed and managed to walk to the window and back, it was horrendous! I was so determined to do it because I wanted to get out of hospital as soon as possible and it also felt as though it was expected. On the plus side though had the physio not encouraged me I would have remained frightened to move, I thought my insides were falling out. Later that day I got myself out again and walked to the bathroom which felt liberating, I was thankful not to have to rely on the staff. For a first day after surgery it was a positive one


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