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Day 18 – From my diary

I stopped writing for a few days and picked my diary back up about a week later so will copy from the page; Didn’t feel much like writing, not been feeling too good. The morphine PCA had been taken down and I was taking codeine and paracetomol. It’s good to have no canulars attached, easier to move about but the pain is much the same, bad. Friends came to see me today and wanted to bring something but I’m not eating much. They brought me fresh strawberries and grapes and put them in takeaway cartons, the nurse thought I’d ordered a curry! Until now I hadn’t allowed anyone other than my immediate family to visit, just didn’t want to see anyone but I made an exception and was glad I did, it was a lovely visit. I saw a doctor in the evening on ward rounds and he said I may be allowed home tomorrow, I hope so, just want to be home now.


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