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Designed to Run

Marathon training was halted before it began as I started the New Year with remnants of a cold that had left me coughing uncontrollably. I coughed my way into 2018 and continued in this vein for four weeks before giving in to see my doctor.

The height of my concern that I was unable to run. I had tried a couple of miles which left me hardly able to breathe and leaving anyone who saw me cancelling their New Year resolutions to keep fit.

After examining me the GP said my chest sounded ok and temperature was fine but to be on the safe side he’d send me for an X-ray, more precautionary in light of my cancer history. I was fine with this but there is always a niggling anxiety when being zapped with X-rays, the what ifs.

The following day I turned up at the local hospital for my dose of radiation, one shot and I was all done. Wearing the hospital gown rekindled my creative desire to get rid of these dreadful NHS robes in favour of the one I’d designed a few years earlier. As such I’ve since recovered the gowns I made and will get back to you on progress shortly…

Not being able to run for so long has been incredibly frustrating when I have a marathon to train for. The only plus side to being ‘on the bench’ is that I’ve had more time to write. My book An Unfashionable Cancer Marathon is finally taking shape after 3 format changes, I’m settling back into a writing rhythm.

One of the things I needed to tie everything together; running, writing and business was a design, a heading. Something  that said exactly what I’m doing and why. For this there was only one person I could got to, Justin Robert Price.

Justin has been my go to designer for over 12 years now and from day one was able to turn what I wanted to project into the perfect imagery. Well he’s gone and done it again with a design to head my Total Giving page amongst other media. It projects my message loud and clear from fashion victim to cancer survivor through running. Love it.

Now I just need to get back out there and do it!

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