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Don't Google It!

If like me you've been a frequent model of the NHS hospital gown, what slogan would you choose to print on the front? Whether for a shock diagnosis or long-term illness, what phrase sums up your hospital coverstory? In my case, for both kidney cancer and the more recent brain lesion it would be "Don't Google It".

After my first emergency hospital admission for cancer, I received the verdict from a Registrar; on my own, with no prior warning. (He was reprimanded good and proper by the ward sister afterwards). I remember thinking, 'this isn't how it happens in hospital dramas. Aren't you supposed to have a family member present, a nurse holding your hand? A specialist delivering the grave news?' I learnt quickly that real-life drama doesn't unfold as it does on the telly.

I'd never even heard of kidney cancer and was told I didn't fit the usual profile for that disease. The phrase "Don't Google It" became a mantra over the next few weeks as it was repeated by the health care professionals. Fortunately (via Google) I hooked up with a kidney cancer charity that gave me the knowledge and support I needed.

More recently, the news that I had a 'lesion on my brain' was given the day after a ct scan. I was home looking after my Grandson when my GP phoned. With Rudy toddling around my legs I tried to take in what the doctor was telling me. At that stage I had little to Google but having been a cancer patient I knew my chances of metastasis and where they liked to hang out. Fortunately, I've since discovered it's not a met but the diagnosis given; cavernous malformation, still had me tapping into that search engine for clues.

Those three words, "Don't Google It" have haunted my past seven years which is why they've made it onto my Coverstory Slogan list. Others include, Do Not Enter, I'm In Stitches and Don't Touch Me There! The artwork is courtesy of my talented daughter (and Emergency Dept Sister) @josiemurphy1988

I'd love to hear what your Coverstory Slogan would be and why? You can share them here.

Alternatively, tweet me @missfitcreates

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