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Keep On Running

Not a bad sleep but it’s 5.30am and I’m wide awake so I get up and out and off for a run. It’s a spectacular setting, I’m running  along a straight,  flat footpath  along the coast  road with mountains ahead of me and the sea to my right. The tide is out and the sky is almost clear as the sun rises, it’s cool right now but it’ll be  another scorcher later. The mountains ahead are known as the 3 sisters and as I reach the next village and turn to go back, I’m now heading towards the Snowdonia range with the sea coming in to my right. On my left are farms with a patchwork of fields and the birds are trying to drown out the incoming tide with their dawn chorus. I’m running, I feel good and my surroundings are just beautiful. There is absolutely nothing to fear, how could there be, this is the life.

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