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I am writing this as it unfolds but won’t publish until I have an answer. When I began my kidney cancer journey I recorded events as they occurred but made them public retrospectively. At that time, my cancer arrived unannounced and I needed time for the shock to sink in and so I wrote everything  down to help me take it all in. The purpose had not been to share this public diary but in doing so I hope it has helped others going through similar. I didn’t anticipate a second cancer scare but unfortunately this is what I’m facing right now. The date is Friday 17th April and I’ve had to see a GP because I’ve found a lump in my right  breast. It was a couple of days ago and although I didn’t dismiss it, I hesitated to say anything as I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. The doctor examined me and  confirmed that she could feel a small lump there, I’d hoped she’d say it was something and nothing. However, given my medical history and that my Mom has had breast cancer it was inevitable I suppose that I would have to be referred. The doctor requested an appointment  there and then for me to attend  Burton hospital asap. The problem is that I am due to go on holiday tomorrow so it’ll have to wait a week, hence the limbo. At this stage I’ve told no one except my husband as there’s  really no point in worrying anyone else at this stage. I mean, it’s all going to be fine, isn’t it?


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