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Never Again…

Ugh…It must’ve been the 3rd glass but I woke with an awful headache at 3.30am. I did manage to get back to sleep for a while but 5.30am and I’m in the wide awake club with my mind in overdrive and my head pounding. Back to fruit juice from now on. It’s a another  beautiful sunny day here and with nothing to do and nowhere to go the mini hangover  is easy enough to shake off. Walks on the beach with the dogs, exploring the local lanes which lead towards the mountains and simply sunbathing has taken my mind (and headache) elsewhere. This is the day where you find your way around,  get accustomed to the surroundings and start your holiday properly. Unpack, get organised and then relax. Just wish I hadn’t packed that rose wine! The evening has been spent listening to music and the sound of the waves outside the window, perfect. Tonight I’m  going go sleep well.


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