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Picture Perfect

I was so excited yesterday to receive an email from my GP surgery. No test results contained or appointments to be kept, no this was to share a photo of some of their practice nurses wearing scrubs I’d made. My excitement could only be topped by an image showing the doctors modelling the scrubs. Of all the designs I’ve created and models who’ve shown them off, I am prouder of the scrubs than anything gone before.

Having made everything from tribute outfits to wedding dresses, activewear to drag costumes, scrubs were hardly a challenge technically. If anything the tedium of manufacturing the same thing over and over was the most difficult aspect – I had to resist the temptation to customise one or two. I’ve dressed dancers and pop wannabees, actors, musicians and so many extraverts and show-offs my job was rarely dull. Providing the local hospital and GP surgery with pyjama type two-piece workwear could hardly be described as thrilling.

The pride I felt came from being able to give back through my creativity. In no other scenario could I envisage being able to thank the people who’d literally saved my life by making something useful. The only other time I’ve been near to feeling the same excitement was having an Abba tribute try out the costumes I’d made in my front room; it’s rare you get Benny sitting at your piano, Bjorn pick up your guitar and the Abba girls duetting in your parlour!

I’m fortunate to make a living doing something I enjoy and combining that with my passion, music and fashion, is a bonus. Having the opportunity to use my skills to thank the NHS workers who’ve enabled me to return to my business after nursing me back to health is an absolute privilege. This photo says it all :-)


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