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A major problem I'm experiencing now is lack of good images that demonstrate my hospital gown design in action.

I attempted to get a photoshoot in a hospital environment but short of having pictures taken while I popped one on myself during an outpatient appointment; this hasn't been possible. It's a shame because once you see it in action, it speaks for itself. I'm currently working on rectifying this dilemma which may still involve donning the gown and stealing selfies in a hospital cubicle (I see the inside of a few of those).

Thankfully, I have support from a wonderful network of creatives, one of whom Justin Robert Price has produced this 'say what you see' image to help support the #DownWithTheGown campaign which has got the hospital gown conversation moving again.

If you do have any questions related to the design itself and the variations or indeed can offer any advice on how best to promote it, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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