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I can’t  pass a magpie without greeting it and all of its family and friends. The usual things are avoided, walking on cracks, going under ladders etc but then there’s the ‘made up ‘ ridiculous rituals that can drive you crazy. Only cooking with even numbers; 2 onions, 6 mushrooms, 4 potatoes etc, use 3 carrots and somethings bound to go wrong, right?  Never turning inside out clothes the right way round, asking for trouble.  Making sure the volume on the radio or tv  is an even number, touching every other lamp post on the way home,  I could go on but they only get more bizarre. Being away from it all I am more relaxed plus there aren’t any magpies and I’m not sure you need to greet seagulls.  When I woke this morning and lay a moment, realising where I was and hearing the waves on the shore outside I felt a wonderful  sense of calm. Then I remembered the lump and that’s when the superstition  game kicked in. If I feel to check it’s still there, it’s bad. If I can ignore it all day it’s harmless. How f***ing ridiculous. So its now gone 6pm and the games over, I check and the lumps still there but so are the waves crashing on the shore outside. Nothing’s changed and no amount of even numbers, birds or cracked pavements will alter the outcome of this latest ‘test’.


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