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The Ketogenic Diet Begins…

Until now I have never been on a diet. Nor have I entered a gym. Exercise for me was part of daily life, working, walking, cleaning, dog walking etc. I suppose I have been fortunate not to have needed to exercise for weight loss or health gain but only for pleasure and necessity. Now however, I am having to watch what I eat and drink, not only because I have one remaining kidney to take care of but also to ensure I don’t gain weight as a result of lack of exercise. Since having cancer I have not returned to ‘business as usual’ in as much as I can’t walk, work, clean or dog walk at the same rate as before. At my age (45) it is inevitable that I will start gaining weight – in all the wrong places IF I don’t do something about it. Lately I have benefited from others going through the same, in particular Lisanne Vos’ Blog RUKidneyingMe which includes health tips and recipies for a healthy life in the ‘Mono Kidney Club’. Another source of healthy knowledge has come from Elaine Cantin’s book The Cantin Ketogenic Diet – for Cancer, Type1 Diabetes & other ailments. This book has been kindly lent to me by Sharon Fox Cancer Centre I have also gained a wealth of useful dietary information from the James Whale Kidney Cancer Fund site I must admit, I am still a believer in the philosphy that ‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good’ BUT I am currently taking advice from these sources and using what I can. From this I will record the dietary changes I can make and hopefully stick to in order to improve my healthy diet. So, here I go and first on the Prohibited Food List is Alcohol, one of the benefits of which will be that I’ll not sing on a karaoke without it again…! Ok what’s next…


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