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The Morning Before the Night After

This weekend I have broken the rules. The unwritten rules that I self imposed post surgery and after the realisation that life as I knew it may have to change. These included to stop piling my food with salt and give up red wine (the alcoholic beverage I most abused). Over the weekend I have eaten a bag of salt and vinegar crisps and had about 3 glasses of red wine. Now putting this into perspective with my prior vino consumption, not to mention the amount of salt I put in just about everything, it’s not the worst thing I could do. However, the morning after I felt bad. Not hungover I hasten to say as although I have resisted wine for over 6 months I dont think my alcohol tolerance has changed that much. That said, it’s been a while since I could sink 6 pints of stella and still irish dance! If I’m honest I know why I gave in to the demon drink (and crisps!) Tomorrow is my 6 month ct scan check and deny as I might, I am a little worried and starting to dread the thought of going back through the tunnel. This morning when I woke I felt quite guilty for indulging in those things that were on the banned list but given what I used to drink I daresay ‘a little bit of what you fancy’ really can do you good. I suppose moderation is the key. This minor lapse was more about Dutch courage and the need to relax and forget for a night why I have such Do’s and don’ts nowadays. Tomorrow night my first trip back through the tunnel since being in hospital will be over and hopefully uneventful. Here’s hoping I can raise a glass later in thanks.

* Talking of thanks, the Dutch don’t only have a remedy for courage – there’s a certain lady in that neck of the woods who said the right things at the right time this weekend so thank you Lisanne X


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