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Time Out

After a 3 week wait I am happy and relieved to say that I was given the all clear by the QE in Birmingham following my latest abdominal ct scan. Relief is an understatement as for the first time in a couple of years I was starting to have my doubts. Generally throughout my cancer ordeal I’ve remained pretty optimistic but after a series of investigations into ongoing pain I wasn’t my usual confident self. My unease had been heightened after the ct scan itself was paused while the radiographer approached me and asked if I had something on my side? As you can imagine this made me even more nervous about the results – I never found out what that was although I’m told that sometimes they pick up strange images?  More than anything though I’ve felt as though I’ve been reliving cancer just by having to attend related appointments, let alone the wait for results. Since April this year I’ve had a mammogram and chest ultrasound, a scan of my womb and overies, renal ultrasound, chest xray and a ct scan. There’s not much of me that hasn’t been caught on a camera of one description or another and in all those images they’ve not found any evidence of cancer. If that’s not cause to celebrate I don’t know what is! I’ve crossed the 3 year line and only 2 more to go before I get the definitive all clear.


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