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Tunnel of Light

First thing Tuesday morning I will be heading feet first back into that all seeing tunnel of light, the ct scan. Although my annual hospital check is not booked until July my GP requested an urgent scan after a recent appointment with him. Ever since I lost my left kidney I’ve had frequent symptoms of water infections, weeing a lot, abdominal and back pain. Most recently this has been accompanied by a feeling I can only describe as a hot flush after I’ve had a wee. Now I am hurtling towards my 50th birthday so menopausal symptoms shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, the abdo pain has become significantly worse, enough to concern me enough to book the appointment with my GP. I find it’s always best to be totally honest and so I confessed that I’d started running again, I even told him I’d entered the London Marathon ballot. He just looked at me over his glasses… I think by now though he knows that I’m not going to sit back and resign myself to the aches and pains, I’d much rather face things head on – as long as I can. I also mentioned my two yoga classes a week and said that there were occasions when I felt the pain intensify if I pushed myself too hard in certain positions. What I didn’t say was that after attempting a headstand recently I felt as though my guts had tied themselves in a knot and were about to burst out! I’ve remained the right way up since then. My GP wanted to examine me, something I hadn’t expected. As he felt around my tummy in the area of my scar I nearly jumped through the roof, it was really sore. It’s not something I would naturally do myself so I was quite surprised at how painful it was. After the examination I was sent for thorough blood tests. Returning a week later I was very happy to hear the blood tests were ok, only one in the red and I’m not sure that was very significant. I was therefore surprised that he’d booked a ct scan but I trust him implicitly and so agreed to it. Last week I was away on holiday and got a call from my GP surgery, the secretary said that my GP had seen the date of my ct scan had come through, 16th May. The problem was he wasn’t happy and wanted it sooner as he’d put an urgent request in. I explained that I was away and therefore unable to go sooner anyway so it was agreed I keep the date given. I think I’ve got the best GP, he is totally straight with me and extremely thorough which is why I trust his judgement totally. I can’t lie though, the urgency given to this scan has made me ever so slightly uneasy. I’m pretty easy going as far as the C word goes, I’ve had it, it’s been taken out, job done. Now I’m approaching the finish line though, that magical 5 year out of remission date I can’t afford backward steps. Feet first it is then…


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