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Day 19 – Home Time

The bay I’ve been moved to is really noisy as there are a lot of machines including breathing apparatus used on other patients. Because of the bed shortages my fellow ‘occupants’ have varying conditions but only one is a renal patient as they’ve been moved from other wards. It’s Easter Sunday and as I was awake most of the night I watched a beautiful sunrise over Bordesley Green – the little things eh?! The ward round that morning was far more relaxed I suppose this was due to it being a holiday so a lot of regular staff were away. The doctor that came to see me was in scrubs and I’m not really sure what his specialism was but I liked him as soon as he said ‘You need to go home’. He told me (and I quote) ‘It is very noisy in here, you can’t have slept well and the food is terrible!’ He said I needed rest and he would see if he could get me discharged later that day. What a lovely man. I had some routine blood tests and a nurse came to examine me and chat about care for my wound as well as order some drugs to take away. As I was expecting to go home I decided to leave the hospital lunch (the food really was apalling) as I don’t eat much meat I couldn’t survive on cheese pie (cheap pie) for much longer anyway. Bad move, the drugs didn’t arrive that afternoon. Eventually, after waiting till dinner time (my husband had come to pick me up earlier) we decided to leave with a part prescription. The remaining Clexane injections we were told would be ready the following day but my husband would have to return to the hospital to collect. Ridiculous really when you can get them at a chemist? I was once again being taken out in a wheelchair but this time hopefully home for good. It had been a much better ward than the last one, I even had a nurse escort to the car. It was a painful journey home, you notice how bad some of our roads are when you’ve had abdominal surgery! Being home though was the best medicine I could have had and so emotional.


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