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Mending & Events Feb/March '23

Ok, I'm slightly late here as we're almost through the month of February! However, there is still time to let you know about a couple of dates coming up this week as well as fill you in on what I've been up to - and it has been a busy Feb.

This Thursday 29th February I will be at Aston University again for a Mending Circle in the Students Union.

As before, I will be taking along the basic tools for clothing repair so that staff and students can bring along any mends they have lying around and we can tackle those ripped seams, faulty fastenings and worn woolies. The purpose of a Mending Circle is to equip those attending with the skills to attempt clothing repair themselves as well as highlighting the necessity to mend more rather than buy new.

Edging into March, on Saturday 2nd I'm going to be hosting another workshop at Tamworth Castle to coincide with the Historic Costume and Vintage Clothing Exhibition currently running. The exhibition, which I have curated alongside the castle staff, is on until March 31st.

You can find me in the Drawing Room between 10-4pm where I'll provide some fabric crafts for kids (no sew) as well as demonstrating some of the ways our old clothing and fabrics can be reused. The workshops are included in the price of castle entrance.

Speaking of the exhibition, it is well worth heading to Tamworth Castle while it's running - which is until the end of March. As you tour the castle you will be taken through time and shown examples of both historic costume and vintage clothing which spans decades of style. It's not just the clothes, there are sewing patterns and haberdashery, vintage accessories and mending matters. Feedback from visitors has been excellent with many reminiscing about garments they wore 'back in the day'. From 1970's dinner parties to 1980's shell suits, you won't be disappointed as you travel through fashion history.

Later in the month I'm giving a talk to a local ladies group, Mercian Ladies which, follows on from a previous talking engagement in January with the Ladies Circle. I'm really enjoying these speaking engagements and will be doing more including talks to local Women's Institute groups later in the year. To find out more about a booking, please do message via the website.

Throughout the month of March I'll be taking part in the Instagram challenge #MendMarch which has been running for the past seven years. Sadly this will be the last due to a change in the way Meta show hashtagged posts meaning the large majority remain hidden allowing only the top 28 post highlighted which ultimately belong to paid, promoted or sponsored accounts. Us lesser mortals have to scramble to be seen on Insta now - the knock on effects for business and pleasure posts alike isn't good. However, it's a great excuse to join an international mend party and maybe meet new mend friends as well as being hosted by the fabulous Dr Mend herself, Kate Sekules @visiblemend

If mending in person is more your thing, there will be a couple of Mending Circle's during March, one on Saturday 9th March and the second on 23rd March. These are at our lovely venue the Community Together Hub, Castle Grounds, Tamworth between 2-4pm, free to attend, refreshments provided.

I'd forgotten to share my trip to BBC Radio WM last week where I was interviewed on the mid morning show by Kath Stanczyszyn to chat about how and why I set up my business in the sustainable fashion industry.

I've managed to record the chat on a TikTok video which can be heard here.

Prior to that the Castle Exhibition opened on 10th February and while setting up we were joined by our local MP, Sarah Edwards.

Here's a glimpse of setting up behind the scenes and also the chat I had with Sarah Edwards which she shared on her socials.

As well as the Castle workshops, I set up some fabric craft activities at Tamworth Library for children - although the accompanying adults also enjoyed playing with scrap fabrics. It's amazing how creative kids can get with just a few scraps of fabric and a glue stick!

April is looking set to be another busy month with more Mending Circle's and our annual Stitch It Don't Ditch It so watch this space for further info.


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