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Tamworth Castle Clothing Repair Workshops

I've repaired clothes in all kinds of places, on street corners, aboard trains, in student union halls and even outside Primark! There has never been a grander venue to sit and mend than the one I visited for my recent clothing repair workshops, Tamworth Castle is the most wonderful mending location yet!

The workshops were spread over a weekend as part of the Castle's Heritage Open Days. Saturday featured sashiko stitching and the make do and mend favourite, darning. On Sunday we looked at ways to make and embellish patches as well as upcycling - specifically how many ways to reuse an old tee-shirt.

Each of the workshops was well attended, a couple even over subscribed. It's so encouraging to know people are keen to learn how to extend the lifespan of their clothes. Most exciting for me was seeing how creative people could be, especially as for most this was a first attempt at visible mending.

Visitors to the workshops also proved that there is no barrier to mending; age, gender and ability are irrelevant as all who attended achieved great results. It was important to stress that, as with the regular Mending Circle's I run, what we learn from each other is as valuable as the clothing we save by repairing. The expertise and ideas that are generated whilst we mend together can also be re-circulated and re-used, ensuring these essential skills live on.

For further information on the workshops I provide, please get in touch and if you are visiting Tamworth, put Tamworth Castle top of your list of places to go.


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