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Mend In Public Day / #StitchItDontDitchIt April 20th

Join the line of Street Stitchers this coming Saturday 20th April from 12pm in St Editha's Square, Tamworth for our fourth year of Stitch It Don't Ditch It. This year's event coincides with Fashion Revolution's very first Mend In Public Day so you couldn't be in a better place!

It will be the second time we've pitched up in St Editha's Square in front of the church and the now infamous, Spud Man - although in 2022 his queue was considerably shorter. Now he's been all over social media and mainstream news, maybe it'll help draw the TV cameras back as we were also on telly back then!

The longer the line of stitchers, the more mends are made, the bigger impact we'll have encouraging passers by and shoppers to think twice before buying more clothing. The message is buy less mend more and to encourage the repair of clothing by sharing skills and providing a meeting place for stitchers of all ages and abilities.

Help us keep more clothing in circulation and to put the West Midlands firmly on the mending map. Come along and be part of this joyful rebellion against fast fashion!


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