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The Repair Shop Appearance

Well, did you see it...?

Last week, I made my BBC1 debut on The Repair Shop with my beloved bear, McNem!

If you missed it, you can catch up on iPlayer Series 12 Episode 9

The programme was filmed back in April when my appearance was slightly different to what it is now as I've had my braids and locks reinstalled. For that reason, even people I know well are walking past me in the street! The funny thing is though, I took McNem to workshops I held at Tamworth Castle at the weekend and he was recognised as the little bear off the telly! Even had photo requests.

I'll speak more about those in my next blog - I've been a bit rubbish lately at updating my news but it's been so busy.

I can't really say much about my time at The Repair Shop however, I can tell you that it is just as wonderful a place as you would expect. The whole team from production to repairers great and it far exceeded my expectations.

As for McNem, well you can see for yourself, he is looking absolutely fabulous. I honestly can't believe how well he turned out. The Teddy Bear ladies, Julie and Amanda are so talented as well as being warm and welcoming - I think McNem wanted to stay.

I'll say no more as you'll have to watch The Repair Shop ;-)


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