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Day 4 – Second Rude Awakening!

Woken this morning by a man shouting a tirade of abuse at a member (or members) of staff, to repeat much of it would mean using the C word again and I don’t mean Cancer. After last nights musical beds I can only presume that the ward had been even more short staffed that normal. This particular man it seemed was wheelchair bound and had needed to use the toilet but no one had answered his buzzer – he was absolutely furious and was determined everyone was going to hear why. We couldn’t see him or any of the staff but every word was audible and he did not mince those words…! When he finally stopped it all went very quiet until an elderly lady opposite said, ‘I really enjoyed that!’ I think maybe he spoke for many people on the ward, although probably in more colourful language.

When the breakfast was brought around I was told that despite having my embolisation procedure that morning I was now able to eat and would not be nil by mouth.

Soon after I was taken down on my bed into a theatre like room with lots of equipment where the interventional radiologist introduced himself and explained what he was going to do. I was then prepared by 2 of his team who then discovered I’d had a coffee and rice crispies…and had supposed to have been nil by mouth! They were not happy with the ward staff who had also taken out my canular so another had to be put in. 

I was made to feel very comfortable and the team were all very reassuring but I was still a little scared as the procedure is carried out while you are under local anesthetic. I had forms to sign to say I understood the risks involved – I’m glad I’d not looked this up before I went in! A tube was fed up through a small hole made near my groin and up into the artery which was feeding the blood to the tumor, this was then blocked with small beads. I felt very little and although the screens were above me I chose not to watch what was going on. I did however note the music playing which was quite surreal as I was a well know Irish piece called Farewell to Erin which I have played myself many times.

When the embolisation was complete the radiologist himself took me back to the ward which was really nice, the whole team had been extremely kind and reassuring. In fact they said that it was not usual for them to be brought in on a Saturday but I had been on an emergency list and so I am very grateful for their care.

The rest of the day I spent mostly sleeping, although not particularly invasive the embolisation had tired me out, maybe the worry, I was however confident it had gone well and hopeful the bleeding had now stopped.


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