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Fashion Mask

I toyed with the idea of selling face masks a few years ago. It was after launching my activewear range when I'd ordered in a selection of related accessories including trigger point foam rollers and running belts. As a cyclist, I saw some benefits to wearing a face mask when cycling on busy streets. They contained filters which would remove most of the harmful particles otherwise inhaled from vehicles.

With latest news on the coronavirus becoming more alarming by the day, I wondered about investing in some surgical masks which could be customised. The scant research I've done so far though seems to suggest that masks give little protection from the virus. For starters, wearers would need to have excellent hygiene behaviour; the masks would have to be worn correctly and removed safely as well as being frequently changed. Experts are warning that bacteria can still enter the nose and mouth if the masks are at all ill-fitting. Most of the paper surgical masks being bought don't contain a filter and are of no use. Of those using masks, only around 50% are actually effective in safeguarding wearers from the virus.

We are told that the best thing to carry if you want any barrier against this new disease is anti-bacteria hand gel. However, as sales of surgical masks rocket on sites like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba maybe they will be the new must-have accessory for the 20s. I'll wait a while till I stock up as I've still got foam rollers and running belts that never sold! I am contemplating some pop fashion inspired mask covers though, who says you can't look good with a mask hooked over your ears...?


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