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I'm Coming Out to Play!

This weekend I’ll be setting up a stall at the March of the Mods event in Tamworth. This will be the first time in over five years that I’ve taken my stock out and about, the previous being another mod rally in 2016. Prior to that, Clothes Show Live in 2012 was when I last ventured out. Back then I was no stranger to ferrying my stock around to fashion fairs, exhibitions and festivals and I was far better prepared.

My decision to sell entirely online was made following the health scares I’ve encountered. There’s so much more involved with mobilizing a business. I sold everything associated with being a stallholder which has meant having to re-source clothing rails, marketing signs, swing tags etc. I am particularly grateful to the manager of the Co-operative Department Store in Tamworth who donated two clothing stands to me as the proceeds for MODM goes to Teenage Cancer Trust.

The largest undertaking I’ve had has been to ensure all of the clothing I take is washed, in good repair, pressed and swing tagged. This is a task usually taken on in stages as I list and doesn’t require me adding price tags because all information is online. Over the past two days I’ve ironed over one hundred pieces of vintage! Add the stifling heat of temperatures over thirty degrees and you can imagine how I’ve cursed myself for stepping back out into the public.

It has pushed me into updating my marketing material, another task I undertook myself redesigning my business cards so that they can be hole punched as tags and even adding a QR code. I’ve put together some simple posters as well, directing shoppers to my website and social media – which I’ve also had to revise and tidy up. In all, it has been a useful exercise in refreshing and streamlining my business as a whole. Over the past twenty years there have been various incarnations of marketing paraphernalia but none matches exactly where I am now.

The final hurdle will be transporting two hundred plus items of weighty vintage clothing along with all the gear needed to display and sell it to the venue – and setting that up. I have the utmost admiration for market traders who do this in all weathers often for long hours. My foray back into trading to the public begins at 1pm and will be indoors at Tamworth Sports Bar. There will also be the addition of entertainment in the form of live bands and DJs. I’m sure once I get set up and selling I’ll relax and enjoy it but the run up has made me question my sanity. Running an indie business is no easy feat but I have been insulated from a large part of the experience by working from home.

So, if you’re out and about in the Tamworth area, please come along and say hi, it’s always good to meet customers face to face. I am discounting loads of items just for that day and a large part of my stock will be showcased for the first time as it’s been in storage for over forty years! This could be a one-off opportunity to see vintage collection in person, plus you get to hear some fabulous live music AND help a worthy charity so don’t miss it. See you there, Debbie.


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