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My 1st 10K Race

This post is a little overdue as I ran my first 10K race back on 6th September. I chose the City of Birmingham 10K at Sutton Park as this location is one of my favourite places to run and I know the course so well. The event was put on by UKTriatholon so I knew it would be a well organised race and it would be my first experience of chip timing.

The only part of the run that I’d change in hindsight would be my starting position. When more serious runners going for times were asked to move forward I deliberately moved back in the crowd not wanting to put myself ahead of a ‘proper runner’. However, knowing the course as I did I then found myself having to walk/jog for the first part of the race as there was simply no room which was a frustration. I didn’t do too badly though considering it was my first attempt (apart from a couple of trial 10ks). If you scan down the results you’ll see me down there in 53rd place  although I prefer the fact I was 14th in my age category… My time was 57.39 which wasn’t a personal best (that was 54.02) which is why I won’t hover at the back next time. It has been noted that I obviously had more to give at the finish line as I appear to want to fly past!

What I learnt most from this event is that I am far more competitive than I’d imagined. My first outing had been running in Race for Life 5K which was predominantly a Fun Run but I’d still managed to finish in the top 10. This 10K was proof I wasn’t running for fun, I was a serious competitor, I wanted to improve my time and earn my medal. Apart from the competitive streak I’ve gained from running I also took part to support  The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer  In this instance the money raised would be going to Facing Up To Kidney Cancer   Inspired by Jon Birchalls’ lifetime quest to raise awareness and vital funds for research into this often hidden disease. I’m not sure that I would have started running were it not for my kidney cancer which has meant cancer has been life changing in many ways, not all negative. I certainly would never have believed that I could run 10K – let alone enjoy it. Since this race I have run another 3 10K’s and have now entered the Birmingham MoRun which is also held in Sutton Park. This time I’m not going to be as shy and start near the back, I reckon I may just about have earned ‘proper runner’ status.

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