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Suggestions Please?

Working from home means I display my vast stock of vintage clothing online.

Advantage; everything is done in house except postage, which is a short walk up the road. Disadvantage; 100's of items waiting for listing at any one time which could potentially be sold but the process takes time. From wash through repair to photography and listing can be days which, with a stock as large as mine becomes weeks for some items.

I used to get out frequently to fashion fairs, markets and exhibitions but the advent of covid put a stop to that and I’ve not ventured far since. It would be good however to have a regular outing at which I could showcase my collection, the question is where? There are a few ideas running around my head right now but I thought I’d speak to my customers and potential buyers before I decide.

One thought is to set up a regular market stall nearby, the obvious would be Tamworth or Lichfield.

Or, should I aim for dedicated events, vintage fairs etc which may mean travelling further afield – I had hoped to stay closer to home if possible? One of my lovely customers even offered her house as a venue for a vintage event, think vintage clothes party.

If you’d like to have a look through my stock in the real world rather than online, where would you prefer to see it?


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