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The Mending Cafe

I've found the perfect location for our first Mending Cafe. The Cosy Cafe is an independent business in the heart of Tamworth's town centre. The cafe boasts two floors as well as outdoor seating on historic George Street.

The retro feel of the cafe immediately appealed with curios and pictures lining the walls, including vintage sewing machines! They have thought of everything, bright and spacious there is also a children's area with space to play. The menu is varied and reasonably priced and the management are enthusiastic about the prospect of a mending group. using the venue.

The first meet-up is planned for Saturday May 14th between 2-4pm. We can meet on the first floor where there is ample, spacious seating, great light and access to the toilets and kids play area. As we won't have access to sewing machinery (the vintage ones are display only) this will be purely hand sewing and mending work.

It would be lovely to meet fellow menders and hopefully encourage others interested in sustainable clothing to join the slow fashion movement. Don't worry if you have nothing to repair - I have plenty! Likewise if you are new to the stitching revolution, there will be opportunity for skill sharing as well as mend swapping. Let's show that it's better to mend than spend, come help to normalise repairing our clothes and mend with friends.


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